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Case Study: Scaling Up the Customer Support Process

Case Study Published By: Freshdesk Inc.
Freshdesk Inc.
Published:  Dec 26, 2011
Type:  Case Study

Eliminating Customer Waiting Periods, and Frustration

Alec Farquharson, Senior Account and Product Manager commissioned a detailed review of the customer support process and identified that a lot of time was being wasted in replying to customers who wanted to know the status of their tickets, because everything was manual. He knew that with the right tool he could enable his customers to check the status of their tickets online without disturbing his support team.

Alec also knew that if he could notify customers by email whenever there is an update to their ticket, it would go a long way in keeping them informed and would also eliminate customer frustration. Alec and his team wanted a help desk tool that could do all this and was easy enough to setup themselves.

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