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Economic Impact of IBM's Real-Time Compression

White Paper Published By: Ogilvy - IBM UK
Ogilvy - IBM UK
Published:  Aug 08, 2011
Type:  White Paper
Length:  24 pages

Are storage costs burning through your IT Budget?

IBM Real-time Compression can help slow the growth of buying new storage capacity, reducing storage costs while simplifying both operations and management. It also enables organizations to keep more data available for online use rather than storing it offsite or on tape, so they can support improved analytics and decision making.

IBM Real-time Compression solutions enable four key benefits:

  • Real-time operation: Supports the performance and accessibility requirements of business-critical applications because data is compressed up to 80% in real time, without performance degradation.
  • Transparency: Provides compatibility with downstream storage processes such as snapshots, cloning, mirroring, archiving and backup, including deduplicated backups.
  • Simplicity: Requires no software drivers and no configuration changes to applications, servers, networks or storage systems.
  • High availability: Seamlessly integrates with existing high-availability storage system configurations, and supports enhanced monitoring for high-availability environments-so the organization can maintain service levels.
Read how Real-time Compression can impact your environment in the ESG Lab Validation Report: IBM Real-Time Compression - Reducing Storage Capacity and Costs without Compromise.

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