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Email archiving solution for SMEs

White Paper Published By: GFI Software
GFI Software
Published:  Mar 21, 2011
Type:  White Paper
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Companies’ dependency on email to do business brings with it various problems. Storage limitations, backups, problematic PST files, access to old emails and regulatory compliance or eDiscovery requests are a few issues that arise. Failure to address these effectively could have serious repercussions for the organization.
One way to address each problem is to implement GFI MailArchiver™, an email archiving and email
management software package for Exchange Server. With thousands of customers, GFI MailArchiver is a leading email archiving software solution for small and medium-size enterprises. It is used by administrators to maintain a copy of all prominent corporate email correspondence, manage and reduce the company’s dependency on PST files and also help meet a growing number of regulations and compliance legislation.
Furthermore, this easy-to-install product requires very little administrative effort and ships at highly competitive pricing.

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